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If you are looking for a different and natural way to overcome a health issue…Welcome!  At The Upper Cervical Clinic we want to give you hope for a healthier future. You have the ability to heal, from the inside out.


We believe you should not live your life dependent on lifetime medications or elective surgeries. Your body is smart and can heal in amazing ways. We honor that intelligence at The Upper Cervical Clinic. We offer a natural approach to health and wellness by working with the body, not against it. We want to optimize your healing potential and utilize Upper Cervical Care to help you reach your goals.

Upper Cervical Care is focused on the function of the nervous system. Complete nervous system function allows the body to adapt  to different stresses it can encounter in the environment (trauma, mental stress, toxins, bacteria, viruses, other pathogens).

“Find freedom in living a healthier life.”
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The upper cervical spine is a unique area of the body due to its close relationship with the nervous system. Throughout the stresses of life, the upper cervical spine can become misaligned and consequently cause interference to the nervous system. This is called neuropathophysiology, or more commonly described as a brain-body disconnect. If the nerve interference is not corrected, health issues may manifest over time. Restoring proper motion and alignment to the upper cervical spine will remove the nerve interference. This allows the brain-body communication to be at 100% and health is naturally restored.

Here's what Patients are saying...

These adjustments really do work. I went in yesterday with a headache and after my treatment, I felt so much better.

Thank you, Dr. Burks for your outstanding care!!!

-Lisa P.
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