​Upper Cervical and Nerve Interference

August 17, 2016
Upper Cervical Care

In today’s technical world we can send and receive messages in a variety of ways -  email, phone calls, texting – all are very fast ways of communicating information to the intended source.  What about a message in a bottle?  Would that ever be your communication of choice?  Hmm… throwing a bottle into the sea, hoping for someone to receive it - Probably not.

Now let’s think about the messages that travel in the body and what could happen to one’s health if those messages are slowed or even stopped for just one second. What does “a message in a bottle” look like when it happens inside the body?

The brain and brainstem are message senders and message translators. They communicate vital information through a vast array of nerves to every organ and tissue, down to the cellular level.

If a “message in a bottle” was sent to the blood vessels around the brain and scalp at a time when light-speed messaging was needed, then the blood flow will become unbalanced. What might this look and feel like? Brain fog, a headache, maybe a migraine? Absolutely! So what can we do about it?  Visit an Upper Cervical Doctor.

An upper cervical doctor is trained to detect the cause of these slowed and dropped messages in the nervous system. The problem can occur in the most vulnerable part of the spine, the upper cervical region.

Uppercervical care addresses these specific neck misalignments which interfere with those vital messages. This interference impairs the body’s ability to carry on its normal and natural functions. The body’s chemistry becomes upset, organ function is affected, resistance is lowered and all coordinated activity is decreased. Yikes! This means the digestive system will not work 100%. You cannot think clearly and you will not get all the benefit from your rest, diet and exercise that you should.  Even if you eat nutritious food, it will not be absorbed properly by the body if there is nerve interference. 

So what needs to happen to restore optimal and natural health?

Remove the blockage and let the messages through! Normal communication, health, and life can then resume on its own. This is the main goal of Upper Cervical Care.

Today most people are experiencing less than 100% life, 100% health. A blockage (head/neck misalignment) is preventing many of these people from this wonderful experience.  They are still waiting for the message in a bottle!

When nerve interference occurs, the body begins to function in an abnormal manner. The individual in this state may be totally unaware of what is happening in his or her body. Unless someone explains about the benefits of uppercervical care, they may never know until it’s too late to regain their health.  Unfortunately, there are no alternatives to correcting head/neck misalignment so your body’s nerve system works at its maximum.

EVERYONE deserves the chance to have that connection between their brain and body working to its fullest potential. You owe it to yourself and your family to see if this could be the answer you are looking for. 

Our goal at The Upper Cervical Clinic is to assess if there is any blockage (head/neck misalignment) and, if present, make a precise upper cervical correction to restore head/neck alignment and brain to body communication. When we can work with the body’s natural healing properties, a long-lasting improvement in health is the result.   ​

Valerie Garrett

Valerie joined us in March 2016 as our Community Outreach Director. She enjoys reaching out to the community and sharing the important role upper cervical care plays in a healthy lifestyle.  You will also find her at our front desk greeting and scheduling our patients with a smile.  She says hearing their stories of improved health and function makes her happy and is why she loves working here.

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